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The Garden Grazer: Cucumber Salad

All black everything ▪️▪️ Loving my new “Classic Sheffield Lady” watch from @danielwellingtonwatches. So simple and goes with just about everything 😍 Use the discount code “vaneciaruiz” to get 15% off of all products at until the end of September. Definitely a lady staple ❤️🍃🌿🌻🕠


basically i dont care if you drink smoke or do drugs as long as you can hold a conversation about something besides the fact that you drink smoke or do drugs

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Essentials Collection

Just want to watch more Teen Wolf episodes…


not changing ur url to maintain your brand recognition

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I was as indecisive as ever this morning and couldn’t decide which flavour of icecream to make, so I made all of them 🌈🌺🌻✨ raspberry with poppyseed, mango with coconut, and blueberry with pistachio ☁️👋🌵🌿 to make your own, blend either 1 previously chopped and frozen banana with half a cup of raspberries or blueberries, or simply one mango by itself, then top with pretty things 🐒🌿🌙✨